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Hey guys -- it was SO good to meet you last night -- i hope you had a great time and i look forward to starting the party up again on the west coast. Your feedback was a kick in the pants to keep it going.


Hmmm... I didn't realize NY had so few developers. Could you give me your suspected reason?
Second, where are the pics from the event!? If I attend teh AGDC on MMORPG I'll send some pics over.


The main reason why there's not a lot of developers in NYC at least probably has a lot to do with the cost of real-estate.


that doesn't explain why there are so many in San Francisco where real estate is also at a premium.


New York City does rock.


Halycon is a great little place - record shop in the back, coffee and DJs by day, drinks and DJs by night, big absurd wall full of cool decor stuff you can actually buy. I couldn't tell what kind of place I was in when I was there, but it didn't matter.


NYC is always the jolt I need when I'm feeling down. That city makes me feel alive.


nice to meet you two. i adore the site, colours are candy.


Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker.


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