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Friday Night Fragnight. either staying at home and playing SkullTag Doom online or stayin the nite at my friends house and playing video games till the morning. usually halo. OR SCII.


Damn, I wish I had some gamer friends!

My experience of gaming nights mostly consists of staying up late with my little brothers (and sometimes my brother's friend) for marathon session of Halo (co-op and multiplayer) or late night SSB:M tournaments. A few of us got together at a friend's house once to play some old N64 Mario games - Mario Kart, Mario Tennis and the woefully uninteresting Mario Party 2. That was kinda fun, but probably a one-off given that none of my friends are into to gaming as much as I am.

*sigh* For me, "Game Night" is just me staying up late with, say, Link, Samus or my Pokemon.

I'm determined to play a tabletop RPG at some point in my life, because they sound like a lot of fun. It's a pity there's such a geeky stigma attached to them.


To me, 'game nights' are evenings on which I play board games with either my friends or the local gaming clubs in town. Board games: those old fashioned card board things with wooden pieces (and some indeed with German texts). Playing video games somehow doesn't give me the feel of a gaming night, since I play them at home. I've been to a LAN party once. For about 10 minutes. Not my thing. I guess you need to be a guy to like them or feel welcome. Or you must be very determined to play a video game over a LAN.

To Eleanor: First, I don't play RPGs or tabletops. But have you ever been to a gaming club? Maybe it's not that bad at all.


In my world, every night would be a 'game nite'. As it is, banal things like work, winding down from work (unfortunately, switching from a computer screen in a basement to a playing console or computer games doesn't make good winding down), and attempting to remain 'well-read' get in the way of this paradise. Once a month, I get the house to myself for a weekend and I have a full-blown, lonesome-cowboy, game-till-my-eyes-bleed, and no-I-ain't-leaving-this-house game weekend of Zelda, Metroid, whichever Final Fantasy I'm in the middle of, and auto racing (Pro Race Driver, Rallisport Challenge, and Sega GT 2002).


We were having an almost weekly gaming night, which consisted of 2-3 Xbox's and of course Halo. The crowds, for unknown reasons, have slowly dwindled to the point where we're lucky to have 3-4 people show up for a mix of Halo and whatever new games we've got about once a month.

A few years back, before I moved out West, I used to have some heavy tabletop strategy game nights with my brother. Lot's of Star Fleet Battles, Car Wars, Federation and Empire, OGRE, GEV and the like. Kind of impossible to do now.

I'd like to start hooking up with people on PST for some Xbox Live or PlayStation online Game nights. I'll take gaming online with people over no multiplayer gaming at all!


Firstly, gaming night is every night. After work, I don't want to do chores, I don't want to cook, and I don't want to pay bills. I just want to sit down and relax for a while, and that's where video games come in. Over the last few days it's been Animal Crossing (again! -- damn you, Miyamoto!) but I've also had healthy doses of KOTOR, Syberia, Shinobi, and Ikaruga recently. Of course, weekends are a different story. It's not about unwinding, but about maximizing my enjoyment.

Gaming night is not a social event for me. I'm in the same boat with Eleanor: no gamer friends. I'm used to it by now, but it still would be nice to have one or two.

Bent Wookiee

Game night used to mean me plus four friends, a Sega Genesis, NHL94, and a good deal of sleep deprivation. We would play multiplayer hockey until the sun rose the next day. Now game night is pretty similar (albeit less frequent); the Genesis has become a PS2 and NHL94 is now NHL2003. (I think our 3-way one-timers are a little rusty too.)

Strength Of Ten Men

Game Night for me is on a weekend, when all the nerdy friends have some free time. Our system of choice is the GameCube, though lately we've dug an old Atari 2600 out of storage. Smash Brothers, Godzilla: DAMM, and Mario Party 4 are what we usually fall back on.

Pizza is baked, using secret ingredients that have passed down from... month to month. Highly caffinated beverages in small cans are consumed, and we play like madmen from around 10 PM to 4 AM.

Good times.


Plenty of DDR, Smash Brothers, Monkey Ball, Soul Calibur, Tekkin, a little Quake, a little Halo..
With left over pizza on the table, a gallon of Odwalla Super Foods, & Andrew WK playing in the background.

Also, Jane; I'm still a strong supporter of your "JaneCon" idea. I'll rent out 21Grand if I have to, so that you can have it there.


"To Eleanor: First, I don't play RPGs or tabletops. But have you ever been to a gaming club? Maybe it's not that bad at all."

You know, I have been to a Yahtzee club a few times with my grandparents. The room's full of old people, but it's surprisingly enjoyable.

That would be my only experience of a gaming club. Mind you, I do live in Adelaide, Australia and I guess things like that are harder to find here.


Game night is any night in which Cheetos are an essential (and Dangerously Cheesy) element.


I wish I had more experience with a diverse "game night". The best I ever get with others is the standard Halo linkfest (which is fun!), the occasional Madden match or the even more occasional bout of board games that get about as complex as Axis and Allies. I'm an older gamer but have few, few day to day friends who have a serious interest in games. So game night is that first night without obligation, and a freshly unwrapped piece of software.


Beer, Pizza, Grand Theft Auto (VC or 3), Soul Calibur II demodisk, NBA Street 2 and after a few drinks try to get people to play Bemani games... It usually fails :-)


Game night used to mean going to my friend's fiancee's house every Saturday to play a variety of board and card games (mostly Settlers of Catan) and watch them play various tabletop miniature wagames.

Then I moved. And then moved again.

Now game night seems to mean working with people to Mod Neverwinter Nights or with another group of people to make games for cellphones. It seems like most of my time 'playing games' is really spent making them. Hopefully I'll meet some gamers here and then we can play them again.


Game nights usually come in two flavors, Couples Game Night or Guy Game Night.

Couples Game Night usually involves board games (cranium, trivial pursuit) or couple friendly videogames (doubles in n64 mario tennis, mario golf, mario party).

Guys Game Night usually starts with the obligatory rounds of Tekken4 followed by whatever games we are playing at the time. (Halo, Guilty Gear, Hot Shots, Soul Caiber, etc.)

Since most of my guy friends are too busy getting married to hang out as much (myself included), i'm assuming Guy Game Night will evolve into a full on weekly Final Fantasy XI fest. (the beta is great!) With any luck, Couples night will soon shift towards FF: Crystal Chronicles.. One can hope


for me, game nite is when a bunch of us would hang in the crypt (this supergoth arcade) where half of us would be playing either pool, mah jong, or poker for high stakes, and the other half plays king of fighters, which inevitably ends up with most of us going outside to have a real fight followed by a smoke, some suicidal thoughts, and a look at the moon, then downtown to the secret cafe to play counterstrike or final fantasy, then outside again to have a smoke and a few more suicidal thoughts, then breakfast while watching dawn rise.

Sam Loyd

I'm attending an XBoxathon Saturday night in Seattle with three friends I've known since 3rd grade. 3 TVs, 3 XBoxes, and Halo. I know, it's the same story as everyone before me, but the difference is, these guys used to mock me endlessly about my gaming obsession when we were all of the "appropriate" age to be video-idiots. Now we gather in my friend's posh lan-enabled super house in the upscale part of Capitol Hill, sniping eachother endlessly around mouthfuls of cold pizza and beer. A lawyer, a business exec, a marketing exec, and a manufacturing planner doing what I always wished we would do when we were three Boy Scouts and a band geek.

Ben TX

It's really sad. I used to sell board games, dream about board games, and try to design board games. Now I am lucky if I can even convince a friend to play Carcasonne or Settlers with me. I should really reach out more to the Austin gaming scene. The only game I can seem to get on a regular basis is D&D 3rd edition. However, I have to DM and the group is filled with munchkins. Magic oh, Magic....why hath thou forsaken me? I think I'll go buy that set of 1st edition core books after all.


Game night to me is either swapping seats with my roomamte playing Battlefield 1942:Secert Waepons. A drunken game of Fusion Frezy. Playing advance Wars when I'm running a printing press, or any other time I have 2 hands free. Or since I dont have my tv hooked up play space empires or another old school game from my collection while the hours fly by.


i hear jane on the testoterone halo nights; while they are oodles of fun, they leave the people who are not a complete halo fiends out of it, since certain halo players can get a bit, um facist.

my idea game night is with my cousins, who are mostly teenagers and younger 20-somethings, where we play chu chu rocket until are eyes are nearly bleeding. or tennis 2k2, until blistering develops.

or when either my boyfriend or I plays something (THPK4, metal gear solild 2, ico, zelda) and the other one watches. it sounds boring but it's actually really fun. ideal saturday night!


Game Night for me is a weekly gathering of board game geeks:

Since these are all multiplayer and the group is large enough there are usually 2-4 different games going on at the same time. Some of us will also use the time to talk about games, design, theory, etc. The games have a tremendous variety and between the members we have over 100 to pick from.

We rotate around to different peoples house each Saturday night from 5pm-1am. Each person brings a snack or drink of some sort.


There have been so many iterations of game nights for me throughout the years. As of late, I've got several variations.

On a monthly basis, my wife and I are part of a group of four couples that get together to play board games. This is a recent development of the last several months. Oh if I could only convince them to infuse video games into the mix. My one friend is too intimidated by YDKJ though. He just doesn't get it.

On a somewhat monthly basis I'm an organizer and participant in the DetroitLPB lan parties. Kinda dies off in the summer months though. We're ramping up for some fine winter Saturdays spent gaming, gaming, gaming.

I was, just this morning, contemplating trying to start a game club at work. Thinking of putting one of those conference rooms to good use for once. But who will participate? Everyone always seems to be in such a rush. And they're really not my friends I guess...just co-workers. I'll try anyway.

For awhile I was on a streak of Friday night Battlefield 1942 sessions with several friends using Roger Wilco and lots of beer. Those nights were long and late. Why did we quit? Why can't we seem to get going again? I don't have enough die hard gamer friends I guess. Too wrapped up in...something else.

I'm making game buddies though...no, I mean molding them, creating them. My wife. I've started getting party games like Mario Party, Crash Bash, the EyeToy is next! Pacman Fever (my four year old daughter plays with us). I'm raising gamers. I'm taking wife back to her roots with an old school NES and running an SNES emulator on the Dreamcast.

Yep...I'm steeped in it alright. I will not go quietly into the night!


We have "Geek On Stun" (it's never set to kill) on the first Thursday of every month. It started when two of my friends still worked at my current company. Over the holidays, so much was coming out, we had to have a showcase so everyone could see every game.

Sometimes it's a whirlwind exhibition night, with a little GTAIII stunt show thrown in. Sometimes it's "KFC & UFC" where we dine on chicken skin and watch Tito Ortiz kick some ass.

It often involves a 3 PC LAN, a Road Show pinball machine and any number of consoles.

Jessica (Momo2299)

Well, not that I do this "bad" stuff anymore but my idea of gamenight was to take a ton o' "mind-expanders", lock myself in my room w/ the lights out and the curtains drawn. Then kick my boyfriend's rear at Soul Caliber and MarioKart (can anyone say Old Skool). However, that all changed when I found the Ranma 1/2 fighting game for my Super Nintendo-The the fight was ON!
Missed a lot of school (and daylight), would usually join the human race again after 2-3 days.
sigh-I miss that.
Now-I come home from work-plop myself down for about 5 hours and then-go to sleep. (Being an "adult" sucks).


Once a week my friends and I will connect up my XBox and my friend Jorge's. We play Halo mostly, but we break it up with MechAssault, Dead Or Alive 3, Fusion Frenzy, or Quantum Redshift so that it doesn't get stale.

Halo is such a great multiplayer game. It's a nice outlet for aggression, better than "SERENITY NOW".

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