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Sounds like MLG shouldn't have allowed team-members to play side-by-side in FFA matches. That right there is a *huge* no-no when making ladders for FFA tournaments. If players have registered as a team, they should be forced to play alone in any FFA match.

But I don't want to sound overly negative. I think MLG is a great idea, and I hope that they start sponsoring PC tournaments as well in the future. I think they'd get an even bigger turnout if they held Warcraft, Quake, or CS tournies as well.


We weren't pitted in the same free for all matches. We all four made it to the point where there were 2 groups of free for alls left. Thus resorting to 2 of us in both groups. :) Teaming was not the issue, it was who focused on who, which STK poon and strangepurple seemed it was focused entirely on them. Oh well, there will always be things to be mad about when you don't win. It was a great tournament, and Bowler, it will only be console games, not computer. Out-


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