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Ahhhhhh, the satisfaction of seeing M.U.L.E. mentioned on your website makes my heart soar! The idea of multiplayer M.U.L.E. on a wireless handheld is almost incentive enough to go pickup books on wireless game programming.


multiplayer mule on a gameboy....i'd pay good money for that!


Who holds the rights to M.U.L.E. these days?


In general I think people would pay good money for decent strategy games that can be played on the computer which had some kind of reasonable game length and learning curve. Seems like the days of "easy to learn lifetime to master" type games are gone. I remember the computer version of Mayfair's 1835, which was awefully cool, which, like M.U.L.E. had the boardgame type appeal.

I agree that in general multiplayer gaming seems to be headed in wierd directions.


As far as games that use physical exurtation, the local arcade here has a boxing game in "police 911" style. I love that game, tiring, but that is the point.


i don't know who owns the rights to mule, but just read this site. i think i've found my next phone.
c64 cell phones!

mule on a cellphone!


I call the body-inclusive tendency in games "anti-Cartesian gaming." Too many games reinforce contempt for the body, treating it as a problematic, sluggish interface between the brain and the machine.


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