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I was thinking of going to NYC the weekend of Halloween, but these events your talking about sound really cool. Maybe I should think of trying to make it there sooner.

Dress warmly(coat, gloves & scarf), the temp. has really dropped around here.:D

Hugh "Nomad" Hancock

Cool, I'll see you at the Machinima Festival.


Lots of interesting things happening in NY. The new The State of Play: Law, Games, and Virtual Worlds conference is also being held there mid November.


Yay! Glad to hear you'll be enjoying some events here, and I hope we get to meet up.


Hey - just to clarify:

That's between 7.30-9.30PM, right? And this event is open to the public?

Is there a web site or something with information on the event?


I know Eric personally, and he's a great guy, amazingly creative, and very knowledgable about theory and practice of game design. Here's the long blurb about the event. Sadly, I can't make it as I have theater tix. :-(

Dialogues on Game Design and Game Culture

Celebrating the launch of Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals
by Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman, published by MIT Press

Friday, October 24th, 7:30 - 9:30pm
Tishman Auditorium, 66 West 12th Street, NYC
Free admission

Featuring Katie Salen and Eric Zimmerman in discussion with:
Carl Goodman – Curator of Digital Media, American Museum of the
Moving Image
Frank Lantz - Director of Game Design, gameLab
Jane Pinckard – Editor, GameGirlAdvance.com
Warren Spector – Studio Director, ION Storm
McKenzie Wark – Professor of Media and Cultural Studies,
Lang College, New School University

Plus: Selected gaming cinematics curated by Katie Salen

And: Warren Spector presenting the public premiere of the
much-anticipated game DEUS EX: INVISIBLE WAR

+ + + + +

STORMING THE PLAYGROUND is an evening of fiery debate
and meaningful discussion to mark the publication of Rules of Play:
Game Design Fundamentals, a groundbreaking textbook for the
emerging field of game design, authored by Katie Salen and Eric
Zimmerman and published by MIT Press.

KATIE SALEN is the Director of Graduate Studies in the Digital
Design department at Parsons School of Design and has created
games for Microsoft, LEGO, and the city of Minneapolis. ERIC
ZIMMERMAN has been working in the game industry for a
decade and is the co-founder of gameLab (www.gmlb.com), a
game development company focused on experimental gaming.
Katie and Eric have lectured, published, and taught for many years
on game design and game culture.

The evening will put the two authors in dialogue with a series of
interlocutors on a range of topics, including the relationship
between game design and other design disciplines; the meaning
and significance of computer and video games; the current state of
the game industry; the fan cultures of digital games; and the future
of gaming. Copies of Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals
will be on sale to the public.

The evening will include gaming cinematics that Katie Salen
recently curated for the 2003 NY Video Festival at Lincoln Center.
Celebrated game designer Warren Spector will be presenting the
first public showing of Deus Ex: Invisible War, the sequel to his
multi-platform, award-winning game Deus Ex.

+ + + + +

CARL GOODMAN is the Curator of Digital Media and Director
of New Media Projects at the American Museum of the Moving
Image, where he oversees the Museum's use and study of
computer-based media and technology.

FRANK LANTZ has been working in the game industry for more
than 10 years and is the Director of Game Design at gameLab. He
teaches classes in game design and interactive narrative at NYU's
Interactive Telecommunications Program.

JANE PINCKARD is the co-founder of GameGirlAdvance.com, a
leading source of alternative game journalism. She has spoken and
written extensively about topics like games and gender,
experimental game design, and international cultures of gaming.

McKENZIE WARK is the author of the award-winning Virtual
Geography (Indiana University Press) and several other books on
media and culture. His new book A Hacker Manifesto will be
published by Harvard University Press in 2004.

WARREN SPECTOR is a game industry veteran who currently
runs Ion Storm's Austin-based studio. He has led the development
on award-winning games like Wing Commander, Ultima
Underworld 1 and 2, System Shock, Thief, and Deus Ex.

+ + + + +

To order Rules of Play online, visit:

For more information about this event, please e-mail

To RSVP please visit


I would really like to attend both events that Jane speaks of. I will look into it. :)


That sounds like a very good event to be part of, contradulations.

The "Rules of Play" sounds very interesting since it's about every sort of game. An excerpt I found:
This book is about games, all kinds of games: paper-based strategy games and first person
shooters, classical board games and glitzy gambling games; math puzzles and professional
sports; austere text adventures and giggly teenage party games. This book links these
diverse play activities within a common framework—a framework based in game design.

action vance

Let me know where the party's at!


Check out the rest of the AMM while you're there. Besides their normal exhibit sure to please geeks of many stripes (they have a section showcasing Star Trek toys, for example) the special exhibit (of which the Machinima festival is part) has some fun pieces. Besides the "I Shot Andy Warhol" game (hacked from Hogan's Alley on the NES) they have a PS2 running Rez. Just the regular controller for that, however. ;)


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