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Jurie Horneman

Augmented reality is very cool, not just for games but also in combination with situated services, user interfaces in general, etc. I just wonder how one can get a significant amount of people to buy a gadget that will overlay something over their vision. Billions will get a mobile phone, but how many will wear special glasses? I admit I haven't been following AR very closely: perhaps there are more creative solutions. Like, using the viewfinder of a digital camera? Or a camera phone? Once that works, people might be more willing to wear some device. Or maybe have a laser shoot straight to the retina, Snowcrash-style.

In the mean time, although it would be challenging and fun to develop entertainment for AR, I can't help but think it would be like that GPS game where you run around trying to catch someone virtual. I.e. a limited project for a limited audience. Not that that has to be bad; I just don't see a huge new market right away. But who knows?

What really gets my goat is that conventional games set in the near future don't use augmented reality as a model for the user interface. This especially annoyed me in Deus Ex. Why not have a huge pink arrow point at stuff, when finally you can explain the huge pink arrow? Especially with how video game elements have entered mainstream culture. Sheesh.


Do the recently buzzed PDPal project and realspace-annotation systems like it hold any interest in an AR-gaming sense? (Do they hold any interest at all?)


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