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We talked about the ESA numbers awhile ago on GGA. The problem with the numbers is that they will not release information about the questions that they asked to come up with those figures. That makes the figures very useful for marketting purposes (and maybe telling girls that girls play will get more girls to play through the magic of peer pressure and normativeness) but totally useless for factual purposes. What counts as a gamer? Is my roommate one? She plays Zelda a lot, so probably yes. What about my Mom? She's tried mine sweeper a few times. What about my ex? She plays Tetris on her eight year-old Mac, exclusively. What about some of my students who play some of the free web games?

No one knows and the ESA isn't saying (unless things have changed).

Speaking of There, I have downloaded the free trial and I would suggest that everyone interested in customer service check it out. It has been the most userfriendly experience of my short life. They hold your hand through every step of the process, even suggesting that you hold off registering until such a time as their customer service reps will be there (ahem) to greet you.


I would suspect that as the market grows it will change such that producers of games will appeal to different aspect of the female gaming market.

I will be very interested to see how producers respond to initial forays into making games for women, especially if they aren't successful. If women are playing games already I would think that they are at least somewhat compelled by games that are currently on the market.

In addition to potential tensions with OGs...I'd think we're going to get some really "interesting" game offerings based on that data.

Brain From Arous

"26% of electronic game-players are women over 18.
21% are boys 6-17,"

There are more 18+ women playing these games than 6-17 yr old males?

Baloney. Sliced baloney with sharp mustard and lettuce, on a fresh hero roll.


"I wonder if all this mainstream feminizing of gamespaces will alienate the original women who colonized them."

Which would make said women alienated gamespace colonizers?

Jane, you're a better writer than this. Please spare us the faux-academic crit-speak. Not that I mean to marginalize your discourse, you understand. ;)


I still shake my head & wonder why, in the 21st century, society still clings to notions of "boys do this, girls do that." What nonsense. I would love to meet whoever makes these stupid rules up.

"I wonder if all this mainstream feminizing of gamespaces will alienate the original women who colonized them."

I'm a medium OG (been playing for about 7 years). I would think (hope) that sites/magazines I read regularly now wouldn't change. I think where you'll see the biggest change is in places that don't even address games now (i.e. articles on gaming popping up in Cosmo, etc.) These articles will probably be gaming light, but since I don't read these mags/visit their sites, I don't care!

I'm also not too optimistic about the chances of any good games coming from the idea of developing a game targeted to women. I don't read Danielle Steele or watch Lifetime (I find this station particularly offensive as they advertise themselves as, "Television for women"; then proceed to show movie after movie of rape, incest,etc. I can't stand this stuff). With all that said, I think they'll probably make a ton of money off said games if they make them.

I'm more into things that are targeted at noone in particular. Just made with the best effort to be good. Like Disgaea. Also can't wait for the new "Gunslinger" book by Stephen King.

This OG will just keep on keeping on, doods. If it gets too bad, I'll get my Prinnies to attack!!


who cares about focusing on capturing the new girl games market? in 50 years, everyone* who doesn't play games will be dead. a persnickety game veteran said that to me once and i want to believe it.

having spent the last 10 days with some of the brightest fems in gaming and techonology (big ups to jane, robin and jee) i think, it's a *good* thing for more girls to get into gaming even if it's peddled in shallow rags. i don't care if they're full-time, part-time or barely-anytime players so long as they find some joy in playing.

*everyone meaning, anyone that has access to games today who choose not to play them. i know indigenious tribes in the outback might not be mashing joysticks in 50 years.


Even if i am skeptical about the numbers, at least there are numbers coming in. (as i said in a comment regarding the gender and gaming article). I do wonder how they get these numbers... but whatever the case... maybe this will spark a little more interest in female gamers!

bryan young

I realize that this is gameGIRLadvance, but I am consistently amazed by the total lack of attention given to race of videogame players. It seems that there is more and more about gender (and that is a good thing) but I have yet to see even one quantitative study about the races of people playing videogames in America (or any other country for that matter).


bryan, you're absolutely right. how many African-American game developers are there? i can think of one. ONE.

sometimes on this site we discuss cultural issues - for example, Bowler's recent post about Iraqui gamers; or the discussion of the Under Ash game developed by Syrian designers which is meant to tell the story of the Palestinian cause.

i have not seen any numbers about the ethnicities of gamers and how they break down. has anyone?


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