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Good God. I wish I was back at Maxis right now so I could get their reaction.

Although I think it's inspiring to see somebody so dedicated, this site sets off my Crazy Detector. The games industry is a little leary of people who are little too excited about working in games... they tend to have a high burnout rate... and besides, who wants to risk accidentally hiring somebody who really is really crazy? Granted, I haven't read this guy's resume, and I don't know him personally, but if I saw this site, I'd have to think pretty hard before I hired him.

I mean, EA studios, Maxis included, aren't bizzarro world parallel universes; they're real places with real people in them. My guess is that this site has probably gone out studio-wide on the humor list. If he does get hired, you know that he's always gonna be known as "that guy who had that site."

Unless he was clever enough to use a fake name for his posts... hmm...

Still, let it never be said that I fault anyone for having dreams and doing whatever it takes to follow them! Good luck, Scott, indeed. Truly an example in sheer gumption for us all.

Scott Bonds

Well, I like to the think of myself as a sane person. :) So far the people that I've talked to at EA who have seen the site have dug it. I never guessed I'd get your reaction ClockworkGrue, but I can see where you're coming from--I just saw "Singin' in the Rain" for the first time recently and I thought everyone smiling was a bit sinister looking. It's the times we live in, I tell ya.

My original plan was simply to use my new email address as a conversation starter (no real web site)--sorta a cheap way to let people know that I'd like to learn more about EA. It's actually been great for that. I've met some really helpful people through friends of friends who noticed my changed email and then introduced me to someone in the industry, often at EA. As I started working on the web site though, it quickly turned into a site geared towards helping other newbies out by sharing my experiences. It just seemed like a cool thing to do. The jury is still out on whether anyone will find it helpful...I hope so.

Thanks Jane and ClockworkGlue for the well wishes!


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