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sorry to hear that you're sick, I was sick a little while ago and I played a lot of final fantasy tactics...now playing tactics reminds me of being sick, so I play less, I hope the same thing doesn't happen to you. but just in case, you might want to consider playing a game you don't like ;-)


Sounds like what you need is a video game that plays you. ...I'm pretty sure that would be a movie, though.

Hope you feel better. I've been sick myself lately and anytime I get a full day of feeling accomplished I feel like I just scaled a mountain.


That's interesting that you mention that, Dawud. When Final Fantasy X first came out, all I did was play it over Christmas and my break from school, until my immune system somehow broke down and I got the flu. I also was constantly listening to the same techno/J-pop album over and over during that time period, so even a few months after that I still felt nauseous when I loaded up that album or sat down for some FFX. With all the great releases planned for the coming months, I better not get sick again like that!


I'm home sick as well today (granted, I'm in better shape than you, but still), and I didn't dare pick up a game controller.

I've learned from experience that playing games, if you're not healthy, is quite the work-out. I don't know if it comes from mental strain, or just the idea that your body can't do much more than just sit perfectly still, but just the act of holding your arms up and working your thumbs is enough to bring back the fever in most cases.


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