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Chi Pan Taki

What are you people on? Don't you think you would have learnt to read at school, through books full of amazing stories if video games never existed? Don't you think your hand-eye coordination would have developed anyway, through going outside (scary for some of you?) and playing a sport? And problem solving is what you practice each and every day in every situation. Abstract problems -from your imagination, can be solved in your mind.

I don't believe video games teach us anything we wouldn't have learned without ever picking up a controller/keyboard/mouse.

neon monk

So what?
Take reading as an example:
Everybody has some book (forget videogames for a second) that really first made them love reading. Sure, they would have learned to read without it--it would have been a different book. But you can go through every book in the world that way, removing them one at a time ("Winnie the Pooh" doesn't matter since I could have learned on something else, so toss it. But then I would have learned on, oh, say, "Green Eggs and Ham." But if it hadn't been "Green Eggs and Ham," it would have been something else, so toss that too. etc, etc.) Just because there are other books in the world (or other videogames, or whatever) doesn't mean each individual one isn't important


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