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I don't understand, is this a review? Or is it simply a non-ironic love letter to a fictional character?


I'm not sure, either; but it was the first substantial piece posted here by a female in some time. (This is still "Game Girl Advance," isn't it?) I suppose it gives us some insight into the way women play games, but I say so with a grain of salt.


I take it at face value, a humorous and well written bit of prose.


Well, I enjoyed it. :)
It was an artistic and fun read. Critical analysis of game theory or game gender philosophy is good, but rolling around in giddy game geekery is no less wonderful. Anne should write more!

I believe I was once inclined to write a similar letter to a princess I knew from Hyrule.

John Hummel

Lovely - I loved every second of it. And if I swang that way, I'd say that our dear Prince is quite the man steak.


Interesting read, however I agree with who made the first comment. I am not quite sure what this is, but its interesting none the less.


From WordNet (r) 2.0: belles-lettres, n: creative writing valued for esthetic content

Sometimes a piece of writing, like a good game, just wants to be enjoyed.

Christian Cosas

wow. that was great.

i feel like i should go smoke a cigarette now or something.


Well, if you need to take any point from it, beyond enjoying it, I would assume the point is that the love story in Prince of Persia is one of the few successful, affecting, love stories in any modern game. Personally, anyway, I think it was a well written love story for any medium, but the fact that it was in a game was just kind of cool, too.


Our prince has many admirers... i love him as well, tho the game for me is not yet over, so i'll continue to enjoy his company :)


I loved the poetry of the piece and the different way that you reviewed the game. I hope you do more pieces for this site along the same vein.

An Clever Monkey

Very well written and a joy to read. Anne has much free time on her hand.


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I love it.

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