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And this is about games because... um... Oh! In, uh, games you can keep dying over and over, often for the same reason! Yeah, that's it! That's the ticket!


Since when is GGA *just* about games. Go read the category list, Grue. There is one category directly related to games. One. The rest run the gamut from sociology to pop culture trends.

Open front door, walk out into Big Room. Stay there for at least a quarter hour. Return with a fresh perspective.

Or to put it more directly: piss off.

Mr. Falcon

Troll the ancient fooltide email!


Falcon: not bad.

Grue: I retract the piss off bit. Sorry. But although GGA may be merely about games to you, it seems about a lot of things to lots of others.


Uh, san, we're on the same team, remember? You have my sincerest apologies; I guess I was basing my assumption off of the explanation of the site on the "about" page, which implies (although you are correct in that it does not state explicitly) that GGA is about games (and music, film, fashion... and girls), and the archive of old posts which is almost (but again not entirely) consisting of articles on things relating themselves in some way to gaming. However, when you make an assumption that's an ass of u and mption, so I guess that shows what I know. Sorry again.


Sniff.. Can't we all just get along??


C'mon! You're supposed to argue for at least three more go-arounds! Haven't you guys learned anything from my comment threads?

Screw you guys, I'm goin' home ;p


I think 419 letters are funny. Those using the net that are stupid enough to fall for these scams (keeping in mind the glaring spelling/grammer/factual errors) deserves to lose all their cash and then have Nigerian Thugs cut off their *insert extremity here*.

Natural Selection Baby!

don't feed the droll

I don't think the word "droll" means what you think it means.


Droll. Yeah, you're right, strictly speaking. Droll means basically to be funny or humorous but it has sort of, in the common usage, come to mean "trying to be funny or humorous and failing while also being boring and repetitious". I meant it that way.

But you're right: I didn't properly use droll in its real meaning.


yeah i've gotten this e-mail, in all sorts of dumb vbariants.

-my dad had a big chocolate field but i can't get my hands on his money because ______ won't let me, give me your bank account details.

there are more, but i can't remember.

i remember i ocne saw thisa website about this dutch guy who got the e-mail and actually led the nigerians or whatever to believce he was falling for it, that he was adopting them and all sorts of dumb stuff. apparently it was even turned into a book!


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