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I'm pretty sure I saw snarky references to the Game&Watch just about everywhere I saw discussion on the system. Perhaps that says something. Perhaps not.


Ah, see, if this is the sort of thing the two screens get used for, then they will have been wasted. Is there a big difference between casting your eyes up and say, hitting the start button?


The advantages of 2 screens as far as the old game and watches were concerned is that you could increase the play area whilst still retaining portability. As far as I can see this and lower production costs are the only practical advantages of having two screens over having a single larger screen.


I still have such a portable, with three screens. It was a soccer arcade game, with four games in one. On the bottom screen, you were a goalie, supposed to catch the balls shot at you. The middle screen had you avoid defenders rushing at you, and the top screen was the most complex one. There, a ball was moving across the screen, you hat to position yourself underneath it and shoot it, quicker than the opposing goalie could position himself in the way. The fourth game was a combination of all three - you had to avoid a certain set of defenders on the middle screen, if you did you got a shot at goal and if you got caught you had to defend your own goal instead. It all was time-limited.

The portable was quite advanced for its time - early 1980s. It had a clock, alarm clock, timer, various settings for the games, and even two decades of heavy playing didn't wear it out.


Think simple. Learn different. Macinstruct.net


Think simple. Learn different. Macinstruct.net


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