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bryan young

I watched it and it was horrible horrible horrible. Bad beyond words. Just flat and boring and lifeless. It was fairly obvious that they sold the show based on the concept and then built up characters as an afterthought. I turned it off half-way through. It was just so dull and lifeless.


I remembered hearing about this show here awhile back when Jane first wrote up a post about it. Thankfully I was able to miss this pathetic attempt to cash in on what is perceived as a "fad" for simple minded twelve year olds by execs from a less then steller television network.

Frankly I do not care "what happens to game characters when the game goes off." I think it will be "game over" for this one very soon hopefully with no continues.


C'mon, this is UPN we're talking about here...what'd you expect?


if you're going to do an evening animated show, it's got to be as smart as the simpsons or as hilarious as south park. game over is neither.

it could be seen as cashing in on a fad but it's also validation that gaming is hitting the mainstream as a "bona fide" lifestyle.


For those of us outside of the US, without access to the glorious network that is UPN, here's a torrent of the TV-rip:

At 172MB, is it worth downloading on dial-up? Even if only to see how bad it truely is? Who am I kidding, I'll end up downloading it anyways... >_


The problem with nearly every film or show that features video games or is about video games is that the main point of gaming is missed: its a game.

And, naturally, this is very difficult to show. The whole thing about games are that you are usually playing as, or directing, the set of characters to act in certain situations. Grand Theft Auto is a great game, but minus the play would be a second-rate HBO crime show.

Thus, you have the problem of properly portraying what games are like without the element of being played. This isn't easy. Only a few places have got it right. Penny Arcade, Blue Wizard is About to Die, and an aside in one episode of Family Guy featuring Pac Man getting divorced come to mind.

The trick to portraying games is not to caricature them like Reboot did and Game Over does, but to represent the experience of relating to a character so unlike yourself. When Penny Arcade features characters talking within the frame of the game or in my Family Guy example when the ghosts turn blue to try to cheer up Pac Man, the comedy comes in the form of relating to the experience.

Furthermore, television shows, dating back to the Captain N and the Game Team (which I adored as a child), like to show games as a connected universe. Don't ask me why, but television writers love the idea that all characters in all genres live in the same world and interact on a daily basis. While the idea is intruiging, I have yet to see it implemented in a good way.

That's it for me.


I'm still living without channels, but it sounds like I should stick to ReBoot reruns... and maybe Tripping the Rift...


jane, please post more stories. This site sucks w/o you!


Christ on a bicycle, this show is even worse than X-Play.

bryan young

So Jane, are you going to tell us what ou thought?


You guys are honestly sad. Ok for starters everyone likes different things. Not ALL people play computer games, but remember some do. I myself am a dedicated gamer and i find that "Game over" is a great show. It has all these little side jokes from games, old school or the new. Not to mention its a hell of a lot better than that crap show called "reboot". Lets put it this way. Id watch G.O. before id watch another Rosanne or Becker rerun of the same old crappy skits recycled over and over again. G O is deffinatly aiming at a type of audience not the general community not someone who watched Captain N and the Game Team.......pfft gay team. Next time you write your opinion try to look at both sides of the fence not just yours.

And if it does turn out to be a "fad" like mr ps2 informant said......lets put it this way....it aint Ninja scroll or something...it may be a good thing.

SO....in the long run. Its a new approach with a new idea. It may not work, but good on them for trying. Its not filled with the crappy same old cliches like every other crappy sitcom.....yes even the simpsons. Furthermore being someone who understands the lengths they would have endured getting the 3d animation to look so supurb as they are in GAME OVER, i reckon it was a really great attempt at making something new.

So if you have a problem.....try to do better yourself....i bet you fail......NEXT!!!!!

ps MR Brian Young.....well i see you wear out your remote for you tv....you seem to only watch half the shows....maybe watch morethan half of the PILOT episode next time.....heaven forbid you may actually like it.


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