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marco stewart

You could use "Xfire." It's like a IM except it's totally geared around gamers. You can see what games your friends play and how often they play them. You can see what server they are currently on and even join that server with a click of the mouse.

Stewart Butterfield

Hoi! Good idea ... will do that :)


Only as long as you could also select to search for people who aren't CS players.

(Three years makes you jaded.)


Will Davies makes related but perhaps antithetical points about sports and social capital in his pamphlet on Social Software "You don't know me, but..."

He draw upon his experiences of joining a local cricket club where he had nothing in common with anyone (race, religion, status etc) except for the rules of the game.



The lack of a Favorite Games field definitely sucks. Orkut could also use a games field, but the plethora of gaming communities sort of makes up for it.


My friend lists his favorite games in the "TV" section of his Friendster profile. Given this Slashdot thread, he may be prescient.


Yeah, and when the CS players find each other they'll start shooting!
Certainly useful tech.


Think simple. Learn different. Macinstruct.net


Think simple. Learn different. Macinstruct.net


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