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actually the minibosses finished out their set with metroid not zelda. i was the guy who tried starting the "da-ryl" style metroid chant a good half dozen times. my girlfriend was also the one clocked in the head by the guy in the studded jacket who dove off the runway into a sparse part of the crowd. the guy yelling "castle-fucking-vania" was right behind us too, so you had to be nearby. how ammusing.

i've upped my photos from the event here. cheers!


This sounds like the next step up from a cosplay convention: More intense, alot cooler and no where near as sickly sweet.


Great photos - thanks boogah. I can see myself in a few of the shots; in one, I'm holding up a camera, taking a picture of the Minibosses in action. The "Castle-Fucking-Vania" guy went from one side of the stage to the other; from my side, to your side. We were able to share him, while being on opposite sides of the Minibosses. Next time, I hope to see you around!



Thanks for the write up and it's quite impressive that you were paying such attention to the show. I couldn't really enjoy the show from the back, so I didn't get a chance to absorb all the details. I actually have a better idea about what happened now.


Rad Rosa

Wow, thanks for the words! My little ass-kicking high-flying crowd-surfing models appologize for not shouting "INCOMING" to the sweaty and mystified crowd below. Otherwise thanks again and thanks to everyone who showed up and sweated it out with the rest of us!

Michael Butler

"But games are the best hope for the future of communication! They encourage us to grab ahold of what we see on-screen and twist it and make it ours. Literally, to play with it - to understand media, situations, all of life as something fun, to experiment with. We cast ourselves into another world, try, fail, try and succeed, and we emerge unscathed - entertained, inspired, awake and aware, prepared for technology and citizenship."

I don't mean to be obtuse, but what does this mean? How does playing games prepare us for citizenship? And I don't think many games really allow us to make what we see on-screen 'ours'. Most games are quite prescriptive when it comes to controlling your possibilities for action.



Tom Vilela

Hey Justin, great review! ^_^ - I remember you at the show; I was the one with the Zelda shirt that said, "Don't make me go Zelda on you." Hopefully you'll be at the next show on the 25th of September, yeah? Hope to see you there buddy. Peace and chicken grease.

Cordially yours,

Thom Vilela


nice f'n review, now looks like im all set to go to the show on sept 25 when the minibosses clashes back at the smell once again. Also i heard alot of cars were towed, any suggestions where to park or what to do? maybe some tips for the sept 25th show?

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