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Just to point out a minor factual error - "those efficient Germans" are actually based off the East Coast - they just share our love for good games made here in Germany and elsewhere, which we play a lot when we're not being efficent ;-)

Apart from that, thank you for pointing me in their general direction. The one thing that really gets to me in their current issue is the feature "Do I offend?".

Mikko Saari

Spielboy is, actually, American. It's all about German boardgames, that's true, but Matthew Horn, the mastermind behind it, is American.

Me? I read it for the articles.

(Oh, and I think it's satire - sexy satire, but still - and more about boardgames than sex.)


One other minor point: Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By isn't actually just Dan the Automator, it's Lovage which includes Mike Patton, Dan the Automator and others. Sure, it's Dan's baby but ... you know.

Matthew Horn

Thanks for the kind comments about Spielboy.com. It seems that you "get" it very well... which is to say that it's a mix of a love of boardgames, satire, sex, and, if I do say so myself, idiocy.

I'm not sure what you mean by "straight-faced sex-positivism", but I'll ask my wife. It sounds hot.

Lisa Galarneau

Oh my god, this was really fabulous.

Speaking of naked female characters, Solid Sharkey (scroll down to his Sept. 19th post first) had a great time making a Naked Female in City of Heroes, then rather distastfully turned her into 'Inside-out Girl'. Ick.



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