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They will if they remain pertinent and entertaining. We grew up with Teenage Mutant Ninjas and Darkwater Pirates, Dread Pirate Roberts and Stealth Assassins.

If the next generation has compelling ninjas and pirates, too, then of course they'll have pirate vs. ninja conflicts to go along with them.


Pirate/Monkey/Ninja/Robot memes! That's a novel idea. You know, a lot of people have told me I need to get into meme theory... but I think I have a good enough grasp of the subject to see what you're getting at, ClockworkGrue.

It is tempting to say they will remain free-floating in our society. After all, the Pirates of the Caribbean, George of the Jungle, and Robbie the Robot are rather dated, but remain recurring media images that relate and likely contribute to the memes one might identify as Pirates, Monkeys, and Robots. (Nothing came to mind for ninjas.) It may be that the humor value of these things will be the enduring quality, in which case more media involving them in mixed quantities or changing attitude may be in our future.

That's a guess, though. I, for one, can't say for sure what would happen. Nostalgia in contemporary American culture -- and perhaps in many more places than America -- is a quirky and interesting topic. Rather than let myself blab about it, I'm very interested to hear what others think.

Jens Alfke

Are you directly referring to Atomic Sock Monkey's line of Monkey Ninja Pirate Robot games? Or are they just free-floating examples of the broader theme you're getting at?

(They're pretty fun games, btw. At least the basic freebie one -- check it out!)


Congratulations on getting the game shipped. It looks like it will be a good one as well...

To the topic at hand, it seems as if the ninja is less relevant in contemporary culture, but I think it's been replaced by random psuedo-kung fu action. With the dramatic increase in movies and other media using wire fu, perhaps the new ninjas are characters like Neo, action directors/fight choreographers like Wu Ping, and actors like Jet Li.

different chris

Were you at PAX? Are you the fellow who perhaps pitched the Pirate/Monkey/Ninja/Robot ideas?

Conscientious Objector

Dude! don't ever put Neo and Ninja in the same sentence.


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