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"Windows XP/2000 officially". helloooooo. what about the "think different" crowd?


Not looking to pick a fight, but how exactly is this "sophisticated?" It looks like a porn version of those SpiderWeb games like Exile and Avernum.

PS - Eric, I think Mac use in and of itself qualifies as a fetish. :)


A while back I chaired a panel discussion at a conference on the future of MMOGs (don't ask how I got to chair it - something about flapping my jaw a lot I guess).

Anyhoo, I closed with a question to the panelists asking them to point out the top 3 predictions for the next 5 years (and this was a year ago).

3 of the 5 panelists had one of their 3 as "there will be a hugely successful sex-based MMOG".

Ugh. Not that it's going to help the rep games have with non-gamers (some of whom I work for).



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It would also make it a lot harder for bullying to take place, since anyone stupid enough to try it would be taking on a potentially even bigger community, as well as whoever happened to be hosting you. (Anyone who did host would have your back 100% and be able to manage comment moderation and such so you'd never even have to see the garbage.), http://vanessaminnillonude2.typepad.com vanessa minnillo nude, 93436, http://jenniferanistonpornds.tumblr.com jennifer aniston porn, anp, http://katebeckinsalenakedvy.tumblr.com kate beckinsale naked, 19764, http://annehathawaynudeda.tumblr.com anne hathaway nude, %-OO, http://christinaaguileranaked3.typepad.com christina aguilera naked, 27336, http://janefondanudehy.tumblr.com jane fonda nude, :]], http://katrinakaifporn2.typepad.com katrina kaif porn, =[, http://jessicaalbanaked2.typepad.com jessica alba naked, 6313,


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I hate to see us lose your input but I wonder if simply publishing articles with no comments enabled and having a members-only forum wouldn't be a good compromise. There's something about the immediacy of the response form and the lack of accountability available from anonymity (oh, hypocritical me) that seems to encourage people's awfulness., http://mrachelweiszx.freeforums.org rachel weisz nude, vcfug, http://djenniferlovehewittw.freeforums.org jennifer love hewitt nude, =-[[, http://skeiraknightleynuden.tumblr.com keira knightley nude, axr, http://slindsaylohantitsj.tumblr.com lindsay lohan tits, 199835, http://yjanuaryjonesnudej.tumblr.com january jones nude, 54718, http://lkatebeckinsaleq.freeforums.org kate beckinsale nude, 71170, http://blindsaylohannakedb.tumblr.com lindsay lohan naked, =-PPP, http://arosariodawsonnudep.tumblr.com rosario dawson nude, buuvls, http://yvictoriajusticeu.freeforums.org victoria justice porn, fuuyo, http://ncamerondiaznuded.tumblr.com cameron diaz nude, 6398, http://ucourtneylovenudem.tumblr.com courtney love nude, rhz,


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That aside, I think that a multiple-contributor blog would give you support and provide some other perspectives. You could combine this with your ideas on coaching/ghostwriting and work with 'intern' contributors to hone their skills, see their work supplying your site, and give them the tools they need to take your philosophies and understanding out on their own tangents. It might give you a regular supply of fresh, new writers and keep things going while allowing you to step back a little. (If you did go with the intern idea, drop me a line, will you? *g*), http://mmeganfoxh.freeforums.org megan fox porn, =-PP, http://icareymulligang.freeforums.org carey mulligan nude, exbq, http://rhilaryduffr.freeforums.org hilary duff naked, fgqmkl, http://idemilovatonakedg.tumblr.com demi lovato naked, qxs, http://ekathleenrobertsonnudex.tumblr.com kathleen robertson nude, lyg, http://nkellybrooknudek.tumblr.com kelly brook nude, %-OO, http://pannehathawayy.freeforums.org anne hathaway naked, 8662, http://lkristenbellnudeo.tumblr.com kristen bell nude, 716, http://mvanessahudgensz.freeforums.org vanessa hudgens nude, 1760, http://bcotedepablon.freeforums.org cote de pablo naked, 7288,


That aside, I think that a multiple-contributor blog would give you support and provide some other perspectives. You could combine this with your ideas on coaching/ghostwriting and work with 'intern' contributors to hone their skills, see their work supplying your site, and give them the tools they need to take your philosophies and understanding out on their own tangents. It might give you a regular supply of fresh, new writers and keep things going while allowing you to step back a little. (If you did go with the intern idea, drop me a line, will you? *g*), http://ojessicasimpsonz.freeforums.org jessica simpson naked, 8-(((, http://acamerondiaznakedn.tumblr.com cameron diaz naked, 8-PP, http://djennymccarthyb.freeforums.org jenny mccarthy nude, 6963, http://mshannonelizabethnudei.tumblr.com shannon elizabeth nude, 9879, http://vashleytisdalez.freeforums.org ashley tisdale naked, 506, http://gkimkardashiannudee.tumblr.com kim kardashian nude, aee, http://ikellykellynudei.tumblr.com kelly kelly nude, :-O, http://xdebbyryannudee.tumblr.com debby ryan nude, 212453, http://xkellyovertonl.freeforums.org kelly overton nude, =[, http://bannafarisb.freeforums.org anna faris nude, 8], http://ekatebosworthw.freeforums.org kate bosworth nude, :-))), http://lkristinchenowethnudew.tumblr.com kristin chenoweth nude, %-[[[,

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