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just checking to see if the comments work now.


The comments were broken? I jut thought everyone stopped coming here...


I wasn't allowed to put comments. I'm not sure which where the reasons. After realising nobody else was posting either I thought it was a problem of the site.
I'm glad to see it works again.
About the topic... I haven't seen that show. Sorry for this spam :P


jane's back posting!
and sippey had a relevant comment about the nature of watching taped shows i read yesterday.
i'm watching 1st&2nd season buffy, catching up on missed. and jeeves&wooster, old favourite from english childhood.


i tend to think that all great television shows are constructed in this manner; something exciting needs to happen every ten minutes or so to keep viewers' attention poised. when that next commercial hits, they want to know that you're not gonna change the channel. more recently, i'd wager that the fact that television shows naturally and eventually end up having a second (and probably at least as valuable) life as a dvd box set, that method of construction is just as important.

great television, like great games, never slow down... the action moves fast, just as you mention. this is true regardless of genre. "sports night," for example, is a comedy show, yes, but the speed at which its witty dialogue is delivered and thus how quickly different plot points can be hit keeps the "action" entertaining throughout... when i throw in a disc from the box set and start watching, i'm lucky if a whole weekend doesn't pass.

i guess i'm still waiting for the perfect non-action gaming equivalent to these comic drama telvision shows. i often envision a game set in an office environment played from the standard FPS perspective that's concerned simply with the relationships people make in those everyday mundane environments. don't get me wrong, i like action too... i just wish that instead of blowing off someone's head everyday, i could pick up a piece of paper, crumple it into a ball, and toss it into the back of a "co-workers" head. too much like real-life for you? maybe. but i think if the narrative was well constructed, players would sing a different tune.

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