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The experience you describe is pretty similar to how it was at the LA concert last may. People showed up in all states of dress, some with old, old school video game shirts, others wearing their FF7 preorder shirts, and still others in black tie outfits and opera gowns.

And then Uematsu, Amano, and Sakaguchi came on stage, and the theater roared, and roared, and roared, the entire place full of nothing but cheering for a solid five minutes. When it finally quieted down, they answered some questions, talked about their relationship with Final Fantasy and declared the concert over.

And we cheered. And kept on cheering. This time we wouldn't stop, we weren't done! We had so much to thank them for, and we weren't going to stop until they were back on their plane to Japan. So the musicians made a show of getting ready to leave... and we didn't move. We just kept going!

That's when they pulled out their oncore. And the entire audience hushed into silence.

That's what it means to be an FF fan right there.

Afterwards, a lot of us milled around outside, waving at Uematsu as he gave an interview, and he waved back and hammed it up. It was great. My friend and I held up a sign for him saying "We Love You Uematsu" in a terrible mix of katakana and kanji, which he sent one of his assistants out to read. Later on she mentioned this on the Dear Friends website, "fans put love notes up to the windows for him to see."

Meanwhile James Arnold Taylor was performing a "best of" Tidus' lines in the lobby, and signing programs.

That was one of the best nights of my life. Which is why I hope to see you guys at the San Francisco concert! I have to relive the experience!


i got a little misty just reading your post! music is one of the more powerful triggers of memory, especially on memories that are less articulate, like emotions and feelings. who doesn't want to relive the feeling of dawn's early light creeping through the blinds as you rescue the princess?
just as certain music defines periods of my life, music defines most of the best in-game periods of my life. what's super cool is that the game periods are shared experiences with many many people. it's rad to know that if the strains of FF or zelda or mario come pipiing over a soundsystem at a party, a lot of people (even strangers!) are going to turn to each other and say "they're playing our song!"


I also went to the Dear Friends concert in Chicago, and I too found it powerful beyond words! Although I haven't played Final Fantasy from the start, I have played enough of it, and been a big enough fan of the soudntrack, to not only recognize but enjoy the music that was being played.

I was so thrilled to hear the Zanarkand theme that I nearly wet myself. And during the entire concert I was between two men who were both giggling and biting their nails in excitement. I've never seen my friends in such elated joy! It was wonderful.

Oh and Uematsu was the cutest man EVER. Whenever he said "Wait a minute, please!" in english, my heart grew 5 times in size. It was wonderful!

I wish everyone could have gone, it was that good.


Hey, I saw the show as well and thought it was wonderful!! Did you see the seed students or the white mages? :) Nobuo was such a ham! I thought he rocked!

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