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yeah, this interview is kinda weak... some of my co-workers speak to mizuguchi-san relatively regularly. one gentleman claims that he usually speaks quite deeply and profoudly about his games when questioned, and has no trouble providing compelling information about them. (assuming there's a competent translator around.) now, most of these conversations have taken place in casual/party situations, rather than conventional developer interview-like set-ups. so, i guess i'd chalk the quality of this interview up to either poor translation or infamiliarity with the interviewer.

though, i think you could be correct about japanese developers in general... your point about filmmakers is totally valid. japanese audiences are more comfortable with narratives that are affected by ideas with mystical/magical origins than US audiences; this is why many films from the region don't end in completely obvious or logical ways. i think this is more interesting, in many ways, because then the artwork is able to raise more questions and the viewer is left to come up with his own answers.

though if a creator was questioned about the choice to leave the narrative open, and was unable to give a fulfilling answer, then i would be skeptical of the validity of said choice... or at least his motive for making it.


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