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I know this is a goofy sidenote, but I loved that they referred to the USA as the u$a. So, obviously the whole capitalism thing is bad.

Cool, I can dig it. You want us to know that America is the enemy of the working class, and the best way to do it is to replace the S with the very conveniently S-like dollar-sign. I'm convinced. I liked Microsoft Word until someone pointed out to me that you could also spell it Micro$oft and reveal an underbelly of dark child-raping culture.

But I just love that they toss in Amazon links to all the games they review. The type of links that would make you a profit.

Even if you're arguing that they are just trying to break even on their site, they are still linking to Amazon for godsakes, one of THE most prominent and obvious and delightfully convenient capitalist institutions of the Internet era.


"Young conservative university students made headlines over this past summer with their demand to be allowed to take classes that wouldn't force them to listen to opinions that didn't fit within their current political beliefs."

Um... what? When and where exactly did this happen?

As for the main point, given humanity's collective experience with Marxism in all its guises ('Collective,' get it?), how exactly is this different - read: more respectable - from, say, a National Socialist analysis of folk music or science-fiction movies reviewed by Flat Earthers?

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