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argh that happened to me last spring at 330 Ritch. the purse was never more than a foot away from me. when i aksed hopelessly at the bar if anyone had turned in a purse, he said, no, but two other women had also had their purses stolen that night. a clever thief had done the rounds.

driver's license, bank card - all that is a pain to replace, but replaceable; but i lost my GBA SP and my favorite watch that my mom had gotten for me, and a cool card case i'd bought in japan - those were the things that really hurt!

sometimes i wonder, from all my watching of hong kong action flicks and van damme movies, in a face to face confrontation with a purse-snatcher, could i just savagely kick him or her in the knee and elbow the eye? i've certainly seen it done enough times.

they say that people who visualize shooting a basket several time before they attempt a shot actually do better; could videogames be used as an aid to visualizing self-defense for women?

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