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I have to point out that augmented reality (AR) already exists in games. Many EyeToy games are essentially AR games. These simple, computer vision-based games are laying the foundation for future advances in entertainment AR, such as those hinted at in the video.


Oh, man. Those helmets in the cage. I miss those. I remember being a little kid (I ain't old) and seeing so much promise in Virtual Reality. I mean, those games at the mall that cost 5 bucks to play games such as Dactyl Nightmare sucked in retrospect. But as a little boy whose past experience with first-person shooters up to that point was Doom and Faceball 2000, I thought the idea of an intense 3D world where you could - get this - look up and down and around you was simply stunning. I mean, the original Quake put these games to shame both in terms of graphical quality and gameplay. But for about a year, I dreamed a dream of me and the machine becoming one.

Wait, what were we talking about again?


As with all things, expect the pr0n industry to figure out a viable consumer use for this before video games.

I'm just sayin'.

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