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Dude, August is crunch central for any game shipping near Christmas. Why can't you invite people to the south of France in, say, November?


actually november would be better! less crowded, because the tourists (both french and foreign) go home. the weather will be getting just a little chilly, but it will still be beautiful and we can hike up the Canigou mountain... Barcelona is just an hour and a half away by car...


If August didn't start my last semester of undergrad, I'd be all for it. But as it is, I've got grad applications flying out every which way, (sob).


This sounds WAY cool! Pity I'm not all associated with the games industry... :-\


Not sure how serious you are, but I could definitely be up for pitching a proposal to Women in Games. I'll take any excuse to go to Scotland, and it'd be perfect timing to catch some of the Fringe Festival. All of my publications have been in computer music, but I think creative disciplines have so much in common and I keep up with the games industry well enough that with a little research I could riff just fine. Or I could play your straight man (as it were) -- I've always had a knack for devil's advocate. If you really mean it, drop me an email and we can rough up an abstract in no time!

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