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Gamer cat-blogging. I suppose it was inevitable.


What, nobody here reads VG Cats?



On the blog of Abbie the Cat, Abbie is partial to City of Heroes. The other cat, Martha, has recently been playing e-Bay


Bowler! Great link! I'd never seen that before - it's awesome.


I've wondered the same thing about what games cats might like, Jane. My cat plays a sort of tether-ball type game (how Napolean Dynamite is that?). I tied an elastic band to the top of his scratching post with a ball on the other end. He bats it around and loves to chase it when I swing it around the post.

It's interesting, too, that Raph Koster in his "A Theory of Fun" book (and many other folks for that matter) note that many animals play basic games as a way to practice survival skills under less risky conditions.

And here's my entry into the "cute cat with game" picture competition...


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