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Dark Matt

Love it...

Have only just caught up with this PSP licking thing and had to post a link to your piece on my blog 'Darkmatters' (along with the licking photo).

Yes, that's a PSP in my pocket darling - you're not that cute!!


GameDaily has a related story drawing an analogy between Microsoft's recent alliance with MTV and Kevin Federline's ditching of his wife and kids to marry Brittney.

Here's the story.

I thought it was a particularly apt analogy in relation to this piece. Plus it starts to reveal some of the reasons and implications of games going mainstream.


(ex-gf, not wife...and she was pregnant w/ his only child at the time)

But yes, I've noticed this happening too. As the article points out, the gaming press gets invited to events and so on, of course, but we're seen now as very niche and somewhat geeky. I was at an event recently, and overheard a panicky flurry among the PR folks there: "Wired is here! So go get them on a game right now!" There's a whole different attitude to consumer press people. As the article also points out, this is natural - Wired is going to read way more people (and they cover many fewer games, so each game is super-important)

Can games press exist as they are?


On Jane's comment:

>Can games press exist as they are?

Why not? I guess that the hardcore gamers will be a more important market than the mainstream for a while longer yet.

And let's face it, even if you're a mainstream buyer looking for information on slightly less well-known games, chances are that you'll go to a dedicated source of news/reviews. Sure, people will read a GTA review in Wired, but if you're trying to pick a good RTS for your 12-year-old cousin that costs under $20, your only real option is the traditional gaming press.

Not sure if this analogy is valid or not, but Variety co-exists just fine with the movie review column in the New York Times. Different purpose, different audiences.

And people, I'd like to note that we can't have it both ways. Either we embrace our gaming geek culture fully (love and cherish our a cappella performers of old-skool game theme music), or we embrace our role as the new arbiters (mascots?) of cool (stop b*****ing and moaning about gaming going mainstrem).


While I admit I will mourn the loss of that unique geekery, the emergence of gaming into the mainstream should help us. Think about it, recently we have been arguing louder and louder that gaming is an art form and should be considered so. Popularizing in this way will likely move it in that direction. That's the way it worked with books, movies, tv...et al. Besides, perhaps we wont really lose our uniqueness, the hard core movie watchers, music listeners, book readers all get their own cliques and places to hang out. Will game stores gain the slightly intimidating 'cool factor' that places like record stores have so long had?

Funky J

isn't the main reason for the funkiness of the PSP the iPod?

I was under the impression Sony are upset at how "chic" the iPod has become, so they're trying to "outchic" Apple...

However, I hope the PSP licking thing doesn't get out of hand like the sidetalking Ngage payouts ;)


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