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Holy hyperbolic christ. You're right, I'm not even sure how to talk about this. I keep trying to get my friends to watch this and all that comes out is slathering nonsense about how im never leaving my house again. This is without a doubt the most excited I've been about gaming in a while. There are so many questions I want to ask (like how the initial planet is selected), but I guess I'll have to wait. One of the most innovative things about this system is the downloading rather than sharing aspect of the online play, which allows for interactivity while handily solving the 'Sims Mafia' problem that, for me at least, made casual online play so annoying. Regardless, thanks for the link, thrilled to death.


yeah, it's really hard not to get all gooey when watching this :). it's an approach to game design that i just didn't expect to see--even from Will Wright. i suppose i'm just jaded at the overall sameness of most of the games i see out or coming out.

i love the idea of the background downloading of content. it's seems like the best of both worlds to me . . . an MMO where you still get to be the central figure around which the universe spins. the forced anonymity and irrelevance in the MMO space is my prime gripe with such games. i want the epic single-player experience in the massively mutliplayer environment and this is the closest i've seen.


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