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I think it's was awesome idea. Even though nobody joined you, it's always great to spread the love and let adults know that it's OK to game in public. I bet there were probably people there who didn't bring their PSP's but saw you guys playing them and decided they'll try to bring them next time they come... Then when enough people bring them, you'll have that "critical mass" effect and people will start asking strangers if they want to play multiplayer together. It'll be just like PAX, only everywhere. :)

Leo the 3rd

We did this same thing when in LA at E3 back in May. A group of about 4 to 5 of us were playing Wipeout Pure while waiting in line for the first showing of Episode 3. A few folks stopped by to look over at what we were doing, but none joined in or asked any questions about our activity. But I agree - promote it and hopefully others will join. I'm an adult and still enjoy playing video games.


I would love to see some folks standing around with their PSPs.
I'd stop in and chat in a heartbeat!
(Of course I'm over here on the east coast, so the mindset is different I'm sure.)

I'm also an adult gamer and I carry my PSP just like I carry my GBA (until they get the emu right. ;) )

Cool site!


Seems to me that there are probably quite a few PSPers (and DSers) out there who would love to play a pick-up game, but the problem is twofold: identifying those with the right system and game, and overcoming the social stigma of asking someone if they want to play.

I propose a solution: a button or sticker that can be affixed to the strap on a backpack or other visible location that indicates what game a person has that they would like to play h2h. This solves both problems at once - even if a person doesn't have their system out they can be identified as a 'playa' and it shows that the person is willing to play h2h with all comers, thereby overcoming the social stigma of asking for a game. Something low-key would only be recognized by other playas, and therefore not invite scorn and ridicule from the public-at-large.


i did some scrounging around the intraweb to see if there were any online communities which had translated into public meetings for mobile gaming purposes, but while there are plenty o' psp and ds forums, i didn't find anything that really fills this particular niche. of course, i didn't look all *that* hard ;). i think foopy is on the mark with their needing to be a critical mass of obvious, public gaming in order for it to become comfortable for people.


You should start a movement! Who knows, maybe team up with Gameskins or Penny Arcade and come up with a cool design that communicates your message.

And I like the idea of informal "critical mass" events where a bunch of people from the same city get together in a public space and just game wirelessly for a while. I guess the trick would be to make it evident that you're encouraging passerby to join in rather than making them think you're some sort of exclusive cult. :)


ha! you poor SF PSP'ers all that beautiful weather and no PSP friends to play with. :)

there is exactly just a group like this in NYC. we meet up once a week to play. Hot Shots Golf is a huge hit right now, plus games of Ridge Racer, Wipeout, MVP Baseball and more. several members will be putting Midnight Club 3 to the multi-player test tonight actually.

if you're in NYC check us out.


who's up for starting a bay area chapter? i'd be completely interested ;)


that's pretty damned slick. i wasn't at all aware of nycpsp. great idea!

still, my ideal fantasy world would have psps and dses as ubiquitous as cell phones. which, i suppose, is why we always hear this hype about how mobile phone gaming is going to be the next "big thang." i'm still not confident, though, that cell phones have what it takes to be portable consoles, not when there are such superior solutions out there. the psp's biggest money-maker is the huge screen--can you imagine a psp phone? i guess you'd have to side-talk it like the n-gage 'cause there's no way i'm smearing up that screen with my face juices.

now a psp phone that required a wireless headset to use, that I *can* see.


This reminds me a lot of the iPod phenomenon back before it was, "big". That is, you knew other people had iPods by the white headphones, so there would be this "headphone swapping". Rather, people would jack their headphones into other people's iPods to hear what others were listening to. Now that iPods have gotten so mainstream, the whole concept of that just seems... passe`.

I was in Quizno's the other day, playing WipeOut Pure in line while waiting to order, the guy behind me commented, "Man, I wish I would've brought my PSP."

It's only a matter of time.

Since I'm joined at the hip with my PSP, I'll have it on me the next time I'm in the Metreon - which will be soon.


The next generation of portables needs to take this into consideration. I'm willing to bet that there are people who are too shy right now to go up to someone and ask them to play, but would have no problem at all sending a message from their system to a stranger's machine, that would pop up an alert if they were playing a game, or play a sound if the system was sleeping. Then you could communicate either by voice or text, and meet up should you decide. Or keep it anonymous and send flirtatious messages across the restaurant while beating them at Puyo Puyo.

His Words

I was recently on a bus from Bangkok -> Cambodia and spent a lot of the time on Wipeout Pure. I noticed other passengers looking, now and then. Then i was at the airport waiting for someone, playing NBA Street and, again, looks and glances, mostly from westerners, arriving.

I think part of the thing is that people don't want to interrupt. Lets face it, when you are playing a game, you tend to look pretty concentrated.

PS yes, PSPs are popular out here, they cost less for a Jap import value pack than a standalone unit in the USA or (future) UK. Games are also cheaper.

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