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Alice Lee

It's so revolutionary, your character will face you throughout the entire game! Look at those backgrounds with a thousand different shades of gray!

Dr. Zaius

I am completely unexcited about that game.


the funny thing is everybody i know who has played it totally enjoys it. microsoft really doesn't know what they're doing with it at this point. i just don't understand at all...


I'm halfway between drooling and wretching...

The day when screenshots look like that (barring the obvious point of the camera facing the wrong way...) will be a major notch into making games more immersive. But at the same time, it will stand in the way of making any kind of gameplay progress :(

Think Perfect Dark Zero will bother to include any new features at all?


Really looks like they are trying to be wallpapers and not screen shots.


I guess you could give them the benefit of doubt since they technicaly did not call it an in game or actual game screenshot. by terming it just as a screenshot they have kept the definition vague. However these could be best described as wallpapers


A av A

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