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I completely agree. BF2 is one of the most distinctive examples of this kind of thing, I think, because the game itself--visuals, audio, game mechanics, etc--is so highly polished, but everything surrounding it is utter crap, so much so that it's spoiled some of my experiences. It's a bizarre combination of awesome, deep gameplay and horrible, pathetic user interface design.

When I only have 30 minutes to play, it takes so long to find a decent server and connect to it that I barely have time to actually play the game, and other times I'm so fed up with searching for servers that I don't feel like playing anymore by the time I finally get into one. A friend of mine wouldn't even buy the game because of these problems.

Hopefully they've fixed some of this in the recent patches, though; I haven't had a chance to try them out yet.


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/standing ovation

That was an inspired rant, my friend. I'm laughing my ass off over here. Shot your face off. I've got to use that one.

But yeah, the patch helped a bit. So did my building a faster machine to play it. I recall before building the new machine (and patching) trying for the better part of an HOUR attempting to join just one ranked game.

I just want to know one thing: How did they go from the best demo of all time to the very worst launch of all time (MMO games nonwithstanding)? JEBUS.


i'm still trying to decide if they just threw in the server list in the last minute or if it was just poorly implimented to begin with. you'd think internal testing would reveal many of the issues, but i suppose it could be a question of priority.

i keep hoping that developers will pick up on using Steam as a distribution method. let me buy the game and download it, launch it from steam and have easy access to all my buddies and be able to follow them to whatever server they happen to be on. incorporate clan/team support--particularly important for a game like BF2--and goodnight sally. but, i think valve screwed themselves on that deal for a good long while with a poor launch of their very own. like ya said: JEBUS.

Tony Walsh

The BF1942 in-game browser was pretty bad, but the BF2 browser takes the cake. And that cake is clearly made from poop.

I don't know if the All Seeing Eye meta-browser is set up for BF2 yet, but it's worth checking out as an alternative to the in-game browser. It was a big help with BF1942 at the time.


Yeah, I've pointed this out several times and me and the UI guy at work here have had a few good chortles over the BF2 server browser.

1. Add a checkbox for autobalance filtering. No way am I getting on a non-autobalanced server. I've been spawn-killed at my one base by a team twice the size of my own enough times by now, thanks.

2. Add ability to add people to a buddy-list. Highlight servers my buddies are on.

3. For that matter, add ability to add people to a hated-enemy-list. There are a large number of wang-tards out there who enjoy teamkilling, even though it's punished. If I could put these people on a list and filter the server list to only servers that don't have these people on it, that'd be a godsend.

4. Regularly (like once every tenth of a second) update the number of players on the selected server.

5. Fix the inconsistencies of the UI. For the love of Mike, why in this day and age can't I use the scroll wheel on the server browser? What's with all the 0 and 9999 ping servers? Why is it that even though I select to filter by only non-full populated servers, do I still see dozens of full servers in the list? Are they filling up in the 1/2 second between my 'refresh' button click and the actual refresh? If that's the case, then allow me to only who servers that aren't close to filling, like a filter that allows you to only display servers that have at least X number of open slots.
I wonder how far the Gamespy thing extends into this product. Is it DICE's doing or Gamespy's for the UI?


oh man, i forgot about the scroll wheel in my rant. i automagically use my scroll wheel whenever i see a scroll bar and having the functionality suddenly disappear when in the server list of BF2 is recockulous. that's just so 1999. the scroll wheel is the greatest UI advancement since the original concept of the GUI and anyone who doesn't immediately include it's functionality in anything requiring the user to scroll should be drug out into the street and forced into a repetitive-stress injury.

and, yes, i believe the filters in BF2 are mostly for show.


Quit whining! As for buddy-lists, that's what the Gamespy arcade is suppose to do for you. I'll bet most of you skipped the Gamespy arcade installation.

I've been playing slightly over a month and have logged over 500 games. I have no problems finding a server nor bitching at the server browser being broken. I know it's broken. It's very easy to use the filter and find my fav servers. Learn that and you'll be fine.


GameSpy Arcade may have a buddy list, but it does not support BF2 server browsing, so what's the use?

And currently, BF2 does not allow passing the server name and port on the command line, so you can't just use any other server browser instead. Well, at least not unless you're willing to put up with a whole lot of crap like entering a fake global server name manually each time you try to connect to a server ;-)

Add to that the dearth of low-ping ranked servers due to the fact that EA allows those only when they're run by some obscure providers, and I'm pretty dissatisfied.


Just a note on the above comment:

BF2 does allow the use of external Game Server browsers, like The All Seeing Eye, and it works fully to log you onto the server via the BF2 command line.

In other words, I just used tASE to select and log onto a BF2 server. BF2 has had this working since the first patch.


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