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I realize I maybe wasn't very clear, I didn't mean sexist hiring practices, I meant to elude to women not entering technical fields in general, whether it be from internalized sexism, or other deterring factors. (Athena's Legacy does a great job talking about this.) It's definately a symtom of a larger issue. Think "Math is hard." I think this is why so many of us were taken a back by the comments concerning this particular game designer.



Ahh, okay, gotcha. Yeah, we're on the same page now.


Saralah made some valid points in the comment section of her blog. She didn't convince me that pricks like those she rants about are even WORTH the effort, but she did open my eyes to her personal frustrations regarding them.


Sarah's problem is with the fact that the fellow noticed only her appearance and not her game, her qualifications as a human being, etc. But doesn't that happen in all sorts of circumstances? Ok, sure. He's a jerk or at least a very shallow person. Or, if not that, he is at the very least a very insecure young lad with a lot of hormones coursing through his veins. But maybe he could just care less about the game and I think we're all going to have to be ok with that.

News flash. Jerks exist. Shallow people exist. Hormones .... exist. Especially on the internet where a bit of anonyminity can lower inhibitions at an alarming rate.

But all these things exist with women as well. Never seen a gal that only pays attention to a guy's face, his clothing, his car and could care less about his programming skills or other intellectual qualifications? Go to any bar in LA. Or search the internet and find literally thousands of reverse rants about male nerds experiencing shallow women.

In other words, it happens.

Do I like objectification of women? No. While I cannot lie and say I am not attracted to them, I think the girls at E3 are absurd. I would love to see more respect for female game designers and I could care less what they look like. And I have no problem believing and empathising with the notion that women get shafted, often, in the workplace because of their sex or that guys can be jerks.

But picking fights with random forum trolls will always be nothing more than giving them the attention they crave. Also, and I could be wrong, but it seemed to me to be fairly certain that the "anonymous" poster on the blog was a joke poster.


It's nothing more or less than a function of what Simone De Beauvoir said over 50 years ago: for whatever reason, men have a tendency to turn women into objects--into "things" that are appraised for value on the same scale as any other "thing."

And while I don't for a moment buy into the meme that, nature or nurture, these tendencies are excusable, neither can I say I'm surprised.

It is, as my wife often says, tiring.



i suppose it's only ok to objectify women when they themselves demand it, right jane?


you reap what you sow:



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