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I wonder how many of the factual errors you pointed out are a result of the people conducting the study and how many are the result of the people reporting on it. You would think a scientific journal would get their facts straight, but they're not the same people who did the study.


I wouldn't call this study "long term", and even if it were, it wouldn't be the first one. Maria von Salisch, a psychologist from Berlin, did a study about violence and games that lastet a whole year. She too couldn't find any evidence that games would make people more aggressive.


In early 50's people tried to ban Rock and Role because they felt it was the devils music. This is a trend that has been going on well before our times. Find a reason that fits the times and ban the newest item the kids of the time enjoy. The main reason for this is a fear of change that is inherent in growth (we all say we wont change, but we do). Our ideals of "good" would scare the most open-minded of the 50's.


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