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I'm still waiting for MMO Solitaire


I'm planning to start a guild when beta hits. It will be called "Trackballs of the Etherial Blade" and will run all the epic pong dungeons and be the best ever. I need about 39 more people to sign up though and level up before we can do that.


I never understand why griefers exist. In all honesty all they are is annoying plain and simple. Who really wants to come home from work and log on to relax and have people griefing you. In my opinion griefers are people who have serious problems. Probably are in a bad mood for some reason due to wife, girlfriend, job, or perhaps their duldrum that is their life. Don't ruin another persons relaxation becuase you, the greifer, is too socially inept to have a real life with real responsibilities and real happyness.

That was hilarious, your little piece on boobs. Boobs are awesome. Natural ones are the best. The fake ones just don't feel the same. If you look at a womans boobs that are fake you can see cut lines on them where the incision was made. Natural boobs all the way.

Hey you know what would be funny if everybody just ignored the griefers then eventually they will go away or grow up. Whichever comes first.


I'm crafting you a poem to waste time in my last 45 minutes of work.

Here goes: This is off the top of my head

I think of you when I'm bored,
sometimes when the sun is setting.
Thinking of your face

A face that rivals a celestial sun set,
even though we have not met.
I ponder a life with you.
A simple one.
With lots of fun,
a place to build a past
present and future.
So I think I can be a suiter,
acting as a gentleman would
respecting your space
and wondering if you could
be the one for me
Well, tonight I think I'll
watch the sunset amidst the stormy
front of snow and rain
by firelight I'll think
sipping my drink
and gently drifting into the night
Waking up and breathing in the air
of a new day.

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