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Why be scared. I am currently chasing a dream. I am in the process of submitting ideas. If it doesn't work out then take a look at it and start again. If you reach for the stars then chances are you won't end up with mud.

The more I go through life the more I realize that there are two people. Those who sit around and wish they did something and those who actually try.

At least if you try to can usually rest a little easier at night. I can anyway.

Hey Breaking Benjamin released a new song called diary of Jane;)


Life would be extremely boring if people didn't chase their dreams ones in a while.

I'm glad you're back Jane! I visit this site every day and it's great that GGA is still alive..


Hola Jane!
Nice Post! I never heard of this before. I just checked the first pages and it looks like a very interesting project, imagine how are we going to read books in a couple of years or so. I hope you post E3 work is not as crazy as mine.

Good luck and write back soon.


While not directly gaming related, this did bring to mind a great book some of you may already know about: Douglas Rushkoff's Exit Strategy. Rushkoff had the book online for a year, allowing readers to assume the role of anthropologists of the future, and make sidenotes so that people of their time could better understand the work.

(For bonus points, near the beginning of the book, the protagonist talks about quitting his job making games, noting the joy he took in influencing culture through them.)

Mckenzie Wark

Thanks for the mention, Jane. You're mentioned in it, as is this cite. Go to 147.

Mckenzie Wark

... i mean site (doh!)

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