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im suprised this movie is beign distributed in the states.

but honestly, even by besson's always lowering standarts, that movie looks horrible.

id much rather just watch freerunning videos.
ah, if only i was fit.

byt the by, you know that a big portion of assassin's creed gameplay is based on freerunning, right?


Seen "Les Fils du Vent"? For parkour action, I think it was better than "Yamakasi".


Can someone explain to me the point of "parkour"? It just looks like running a different way to me. What's the big deal? "Most people will walk down the stairs, but I jump over the rail instead"? Oooooh, how edgy! You're such a rebel for WALKING IN A DIFFERENT DIRECTION!


Tetsuo: When it's done right, it's really something. But I have to say that the first half of that video really doesn't do it justice (even if it's infinitely better than anything I could ever manage) - so much so that I didn't both watching the second half.


The second half of that video is actually very interesting because it goes into David Belle's background, his philosophy, and his practice.

The point of parkour is kind of like - there is no point! It's just supposed to be fun. Play is not something you OUGHT to do. You could just as easily say, what's the point of soccer? What's the point of running through the rain? What's the point of skipping? It's fun, that's the point.


Youtube has a bunch of awesome parkour clips.

This one is (I think) a chase scene from that movie:


And this one is simply awesome. If this becomes a big sport, this guy is it's Tony Hawk:


As an aside, it's interesting they call it a 'sport of french origin'. Not sure how long it's been going on, but if it's recent then Jackie Chan was certainly an influence. There are several chase scenes in his movies that are along these lines. Also of course borrows from rock climbing and gymnastics, but that's just influence, I guess.

Seems no different than urban skateboarding, only cheaper :-)


I saw this at the Toronto International Film Festival this year, and I was really surprised to see it get into wide release (especially compared to some of the awesome stuff that was shown...*ahem*Duelist*ahem*)

In my opinion, stick to the parkour vids on YouTube and the torrent sites. This is just a bunch of staged parkour strung together with the thinnest of plotlines.

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