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Press embargo? How quaint! How 1990's!

Jeez, for a game that is out in Japan already? They clearly don't get that the world has changed. Hope this is just their PR dept and other parts of the company aren't asleep at the wheel!

T. Holbrook Walker

I'm pulling a dead link here, but I think I may have read something along these lines earlier in the week.

I can pretty much guarantee you that the people actually working on the games leave such ridiculous details about what should be reported on when entirely to marketing/PR. It actually reminds me a lot of my own company; there is a huge rift between the creative and engineering muscle and the people concerned about the company's image. Whereas the former group would rather let the products speak for themselves, the latter seems desperately trying to find new and convoluted ways to look busy enough to keep meriting a paycheck.

So, if you have bitter feelings about this, don't hold it against the creative minds at Square. Be pissed, sure. But don't think that the handful of people with whom you must interact for "press clearance" (I may just be making that term up, but I think it is clear what I mean) are the soul of the company.

Thanks for the insight. Now I feel better about my own job. :-)


Nothing against journalists. You do a job and that is fine but companies have to keep rumor mongering under control to keep the integrity of their company and to avoid false promsises to consumers that could cause lots of problems.

If you think my observation is a crock just go browse a few video game forums. Those sicko's run with every rumor they can get. rumors=ulcers for industry pros.


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