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Pfft, like the PMS Clan has a leg to stand on in this. They're a good example of exactly what they're complaining about.


Interesting to me in the article, as well, was the last 'graph:

"Several of the more visible PMS members' Xbox profiles are readily viewable to the public via the Xbox.com Web site, and detractors have critiqued their low gamerscores--some of which don't even crack 500 points. Defenders of them are quick to point out that gamerscores only reflect Xbox 360 games played, and not other games, such as Halo 2, which the women frequently play in competition."

So the 360 Gamer Card is now the exclusive definer of how 1337 you are? It's always amazing (though never startling) how far people are willing to go to de-legitimize individuals or groups which don't fit neatly into their perceived community. It's somewhat axiomatic of the feminist baclkash that's permeated most levels of popular culture over the past decades.


Oh my god those girl game clans are a bunch of bs. First of all game magazines use them to get horney male readers to subscribe. Sights use them to get publicity by hosting game matches with them. Xbox live even uses them to draw in the horney sexless nerds. I can't take this with any merit as they are a joke.

In any event if any of the frag dolls are reading this leave your number, all of your numbers. The more the merrier.

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