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Well, he wasn't quite talking to you -- the game certainly made it seem that way, but the ending (assuming you're talking about Sands of Time) revealed that he had been talking to the princess the entire time.


the problem with this is that the game industry is much better at drawing/modelling sexy people than it is at developing characters. in general, an emotional connection to a character is much harder for a designer or a player to acheive, and so it is hard to find.

T. Holbrook Walker

Emotional attachment to characters is often hard to achieve in games because:

1. the level of interaction with non-player characters is limited, and the NPC responses to those interactions is even more limited (where is my FPS hug button for Half Life Episode 1?); and

2. cutscenes tend to miss the emotional point entirely (one reason why there aren't a lot of people who bounce between movies and gaming).

Of course, on rare occasions it has been done properly before (Shadow of the Colossus springs to mind), but I have yet to see this done in a sexually-themed game or even a game with romantic elements.

Hmm, the more I think about this, the more I'd like to give it a try if I ever leave engineering for the gaming industry. I mean, we're mostly adults that play games now anyway, right?


A av A

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