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T. Holbrook Walker

If men thought about sex once every seven seconds, we'd never reach a Brain Age of 20.

To be fair, women may feel more comfortable discussing orgasm (or lack thereof) because there is less shame associated with it than impotence. Men might be inclined to discuss impotence if 1) it were more common, and 2) the average man had something constructive to say on how to correct it.

Do let us know how that conference goes, Jane.


Could the difference be that women seem to talk about sex, while men talk/think about fucking, if you get the difference.

Andrew Douglas

Well, there's really no mystery there. It's the same reason porno's have more women in them then men. Guy's get off on it and girls don't mind watching... I mean listening... either.

But when guys talk about sex, you get the man show. No one wants that.



I've always thought that women were lightyears ahead of us men on the issue of discussing sex.

The thing is, it's not acceptable in Western society for a man to actually discuss sex in depth. Alot of feelings are involved in it and men are not suppose to have feelings. On the other hand, it's acceptable in Western society for women to discuss feelings and thus, acceptable for them to discuss in depth sexual matters.

If I were to discuss sexual issues with my fellow man, I'd be humiliated by him and later by whoever else he told. Man to man discussion of sex is limited to "I had sex with *insert name here* last night!" and is followed with high fives.

By the way, that "Seven Seconds" rule... is that on average or something? I think about sex often, but not THAT often. However, if it's essentially saying the one seventh of a guys time per day is spent thinking about sex, I could believe that a little be more. I just don't buy the male brain's thought train taking a one second stop at the Red Light District every seven seconds.

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