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Whoa. I guess that's one step up from the old find keycard to open door cliche.

T. Holbrook Walker

This game looks sick. Good sick.

The reason the trailer looks so confusing is that you didn't plan the route. In actual gameplay, I don't think you'll be flung around through other people's creations. Instead, you'll carefully analyze a room from a stable perspective and then start creating portals. You won't be as confused if you already know where you (or other objects) will end up.

C'mon now, show us that brain age (or is it weight these days?) isn't a fluke. :-)


Amazing. A First person puzzler. I think that the method of navigation is just a slight extension of what you already do in a FPS --prediction of movement. A lot of time in a FPS is spent figuring out trajectories and paths. This just takes a the endless enemy hordes, weapons and often weak platforming out of the way.

I want to play.


just imagine the multiplayer possibilities. someone sets up a trap for you, shoots a portal right under you to zap you into a lava pit.

yeah, and FPS-puzzler is kind of what it is, isn't it?


Jane, did you check out Narbacular Drop yet? Evidently Valve grabbed the team from Digipen who made the (senior thesis?) project there, when it was called Narbacular Drop.

I have to say I'm hella excited about Portals. It will most probably get me to re-install HL2 and Steam again (which is like installing Realplayer for me. Argh).

But I get what you mean about it making you feel dumb. I don't touch RTS's in multi for that very same reason.


I'm gonna love this! Now someone just needs to combine this with Garry's Mod... ;)

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