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Concepts are fun. The strange part about concepts at least for me are when they start to become realities. That can be a surreal experience. It can also be ego crushing if they just don't gel. I guess that's why they are called concepts. I mean just look at the word concept. It is a derivative of conception. Obviously everyone knows what that is. So it makes me think of the word concept like the point of conception. The idea is alive and growing. The only bad thing is you don't know how it will turn out. Until that day when a concept becomes a reality, that is.

Concepts are important in shaping an idea. It is also interesting to look back at a finished product and compare the concept work against the final product. Sometimes it results as a what were they thinking kind of thing or wow, why didn't that make it to the final product.


He had a great essay in Edge a few years ago (and please help me remember the issue number?) where he talked about the "rhythmic" (I'm probably paraphrasing) structure of the SR tracks -- the time between turns was carefully considered. It made a big impression on me but since it wasn't my physical mag I've lost the article.

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