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T. Holbrook Walker

I know this article has been building for a few days now, but I just got around to reading some of it. It's damn good.

For one thing, Mizuguchi is like Miyamoto in that he tends to get credit for everything he has touched in the minds of gamers. Perhaps there is a very small number of Japanese names which any gamer can be expected to remember, but I love it when the work of other team members comes to light. Game production is a team effort, and this series certainly makes it seem that way.

Second, I finally understand what the flip EEE is about. Before reading this article, I felt much about it as you probably did about Portal. Now I see that I may have a prayer of doing a decent job at this game.

Third, I couldn't be more excited about Gunpey DS now that I know about the music tool (but why no foootage?). I've used Electroplankton to cook up some ill sh*t at two live performances with some friends of mine. Maybe I can compose something with Gunpey later this year. Maybe I'll even go homebrew and start rocking out in NitroTracker. The DS can be such a fun instrument to play.

Hmm, in retrospect this should probably be posted on 1UP instead of here, but seeing how it's all typed up and everything ... *click*


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