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No Miyamoto? As a straight guy, maybe I'm not the best judge, but I gotta believe Shigeru would be high atop any gaming girl's most desirable list.


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What gets me is how almost half of the list aren't developers. The problem is, that nobody knows about developers, so the more public figures (ie, journalists and tv show hosts) are who gets the attention.

I mean, Adam Sessler? C'mon, has any of these people SEEN him in person? No way, what about Clint Hocking, or Chris Butcher (both of which I know women who have commented on their looks). What about Randy Smith?

And those are just the more prominent guys, sure, nothing along the lines of Cliffy B, who works hard as hell to maintain celebrity status. But at least these guys talk at the GDC and stuff. You take almost any development studio, and you'll find at least 10 guys who look better than Adam Sessler. Having trouble? Go find the artists, although I've noticed that with a lot of game development programmers go against the whole stereotype.

But, Adam Sessler? C'mon. Same goes for Victor Lucas, or Tomonobu Itagaki (who's whole "cool look" just makes him look even nerdier).

And yeah, where the hell is Keita? I know quite a few women who have a thing for Keita, and most of them aren't gamers.


that IS a very stange selection.

i mean...itakagi? that guy is SCARY. no offence.
and i agree with luke, where's clint, where's randy?

now for the girls?


Peter Molyneux would be on my list and i know, i know! Can't help it, I've always had a thing for him..

..but in the name of the guy upstairs; Adam Sessler? Because "Adam's wonderful sense of humor and great reviews on X-Play makes us can't help but love his goofy ways" . Has the one who wrote this ever seen Adam Sessler in action? I dislike his goofy ways… a lot. Ok, I get turned on by Mr. Molyneux, but Sessler!?


what about lorne lanning? he's a handsome man these days. ted price is debonair as well, although i wouldn't exactly call him "hot" right off the bat.


oh, and Jason Rubin. he's hot. what exactly is he doing in the post naughty dog days?


What about the academic starlets? I recon Doug Church and Eric Zimmerman were quite charismatic.


I am in the community that compiled this list. The reason that none of the people you mentioned were on the list is because no one in the community nominated them. The woman who was responsible for this list just made a list of people that the community members think are hot.

I did not participate in the voting because I thought the whole thing was a stupid exercise. Many of the most popular guys on that list are devoid of personality and honestly don't belong there. I mean why is Tommy Tallarico ahead of Hideo Kojima? I posed a question on whether people were rating them on appearance or whether the ranking was based upon contribution to the games industry. The consensus was that they were being ranked by appearance only, and yet the woman who was responsible for the poll in the first place also took note of these mens' accomplishments. It was a baffling poll.


That's very interesting, Brinstar, thanks for posting... I don't mean to belittle the exercise, as I think it's tongue-in-cheek and funny. To me it really just points out how little people know about game developers, and who they are.

Your point about Tallarico being ahead of Kojima is well-taken! I'd rather go on a date with Kojima any day.


Hey, I am all about protesting that list. As well, I say we should go purely on aesthetics (the boys do it all the time, so why don't we…yes I know acting like them is not raising the bar and so forth but the title says: Top Ten Hottest Guys in Videogames!)

Jane I will send you a personal list of the Mtl boys ;)


Jane: I think that the poll was created in the spirit of fun, and most of the women did have fun debating the choices. Separately from that, my opinion stood as stated earlier. I don't knock their fun, but I disagreed with how the poll was run.

Many of the women in the community are fairly knowledgeable about developers, but most of the people tend to favour Final Fantasy type games and such. Perhaps that's one factor in the strange finalists. Another thing is that most of the people in the community (at least the active posters) watch cable television, and watch those "videogame" sorts of channels, so they are familiar with those personalities. Also, it appears that most of the members are from the United States, so this further influences the results (I hesitate to think that G4 is available in Europe, for example).

The lady who compiled the poll reports that she is going to be on television to talk about the list.


I just want to add, that while I might not agree with the choices on the list, I think the existence of it is great.

We need more things like this. I mean, as a game developer myself, I can just imagine how cool it would be if game development got so on par with films and music that you could open up a magazine and there would be a list of the 10 best-looking game devs. And as far as "looks vs accomplishments", I say hell, do both on different lists. We do it all the time, People Magazine's 50's most beautiful goes with accomplishments as well, but then go with Maxim's 50 hottest and it's pure looks.

Plus, I would like to see a "top 10 hottest women in videogames", that are actual PEOPLE, not videogame characters. The problem is, that there's such a fight for gender equality in the male dominated industry, that I don't know if the existence of such a thing would help or hurt that cause. On the one hand, it's like "look, women make games too, and that doesn't mean they are unattractive", on the other hand, there's the backsided connotation that "their looks got them the job", whether true or not, and that hurts the fight.

But my main point is that I'm glad that a list like this was made in all good fun, and I think it should be done more. I also feel it's a responsibility for us devs to take pride in what we do, pride to the point that we do make a point to stand up and stand out and say "hey, I worked on this game that you really like". And then maybe our audience will stand back and go "wow, totally cool."

I also think it's a responsibility for us working in the industry to break away from our computers every once in a while, hit the gym, go outside, get a tan, and put down the company-sponsored pizza and pick up something good for you. Just because we sit in front of a computer all day doesn't mean we can't look good!

Troy Goodfellow

What an odd little list...G4 presenters, developers and Dan Hsu?!


Adam Sessler just has that sort of face that begs for a punching. I don't know what it is about him, he just bugs me.

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