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Jay Fresh

I gave the 14-day free trial a go and uninstalled it immediately after a couple days.

The game is dangerous....

-Jay Fresh

Francois Messier

The game is dangerous... Many fall in it's trap! Run!! Run while you still can!


I just started playing a few weeks ago. So far I have been pretty good about not becoming obsessed with it.

Horde or Alliance, and what server?


I'm on Eitrigg right now just cuz some friends are. And since I like to explore I already have two alts, Horde and Alliance. :)


I never got into WoW because of the aforementioned game - which i have been playing since it came out - which i love. I dont want to start a GW vs WoW - if WoW were free i would be all over it.


It is rather good time to join in on WoW. Given that, in 1-2 month, there will be a whole new expansion, The Burning Crusade. So you can have 1-2 month to learn the basic and join up with the flock of players that will be starting over with their new alts in the new races.

But ya, it is all just one giant timesink for life.

T. Holbrook Walker

I don't know what to say. I think everyone should go through the experience of enjoying World of Warcraft and then quitting it. Most people have trouble with the latter.


And I just bumped into you on my druid alt. Small world!

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