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Милостивый бал! Я хочу говорить в мире гибель всяких хороших и нехороших производителей бытовой техники, но техника Кенвуд постоянно стояла и стоит особняком причинность это яркий метонимия надежности, который гарантирует бренд Kenwood, это для протяжении долгих лет заклад качества и долгое век службы различных приборов аля кофеварка, чайник сиречь магнитола. Разве вы задумались над приообретением бытовой техники - берите Кенвуд - не пожалеете!


Intro – Although there is still some argument, I believe the term “ugg boot” describes a particular style of boot (almost everyone would draw an identical picture when you mention it) not a specific brand. So for the purposes of this review, that particular brand that started the mainstream ugg boot craze a few years ago will be referred to as UGG Australia, their actual brand name, and any item referred to as an ugg, will mean the common style of the boot.
The Review – Super soft, obviously, and these were also the lightest weight boot of all those reviewed. But the shaft of these boots tends to be a bit wide which allowed little wisps of cold to get to my legs. This led to me wearing them with socks, clearly an ugg no-no, but it was January. I don’t know if the socks killed the shearling, especially on the inside of the heels, or if it would have compacted the same way after a few months of wear, but I pretty much had to continue wearing them with socks after that, so be warned. Unfortunately, the super flexible outsoles did start thinning noticeably from wear within less than a year, so, although the boots continued to be comfortable til the end, they had a pretty short life. However, I never had a problem with a seam coming undone or any other kind of manufacturing defect; the issues I mentioned were due to normal use, so these boots are clearly well-made. And I should mention that the sheepskin exterior of the UGG boot (the part not touching any part of your foot) was the softest out of all boots reviewed, very buttery. UGG Australia boots have a blown rubber sole like Whooga brand boots, but the pattern they’ve grooved in gives the UGG soles slightly more traction. Although these are on the high end price wise, you’ll feel you’re paying for higher grade materials and not just a hyped-up brand name.
Random – I LOVE Whooga’s packaging. The shoe box has a ribbon and bow attached to it so that every time you take your shoes out, it’s like opening a present. Great idea!
This online store that I recommend carries Ugg classic boots in all sizes - and the best thing is, they offer free shipping. They will pay for the shipping if you want to return them, and they have the best prices you'll find online. They also have a lifetime return policy and GUARANTEED lowest price. To visit the site, just click on the link below. With a better return policy than the manufacturer's retail site, which has only a 30-day return policy, we highly recommend them.
The Different Kinds Of Ugg Boots
If you prefer to wear socks however, it's advised that you wear high quality sock such as Goodhew or Marcmarcs. These types of socks act in a similar manner as the wool in your boots, warming your feet and wicking away any moisture.
Classic Cardy does not fit that way. In fact, I recommend to go down a full size (they are sold as US sizes) because unfortunately, these Ugg boots do not come in half sizes. To be honest, though, after wearing these for about a week, you will not even know the difference. By that point, they will begin to mold to your foot because of the foam insole. Beyond getting used to the size, there is no break-in period required
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