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I don't know, I'd probably read anything where the site admins didn't have pics of them looking more like Suicide Girls than playing games. Listen, if you want to be considered a Girl Gamer, show pics of yourself sitting in front of a TV with a controller and not showing off your belly button piercing and low-rise jeans in a MySpace-esque pose. Frag Dolls, I'm looking at you. I really don't like the feeling that if I have one zit and period bloating I'll be scorned by the baby-tee wearing members of clans like that.

Yeah, I'm fat. Yeah, I play games. But gaming is the one popculture place I thought I could be without having to damn well starve myself to be looked at by a guy.

(Hey, does Amy Hennig have a blog? I read the article on the 100 Greatest Women in Gaming just to see if she was on it. I was 13 when EGM's Soul Reaver issue came out, and it was the first time the interviewee was female and central to the project. I thought it was so great! That, and she could do an interview without wearing a skimpy t-shirt.)


I really like Killer Betties. The site posts a lot of news regarding women in videogame news and have some really good reviews.


Just thought I'd go ahead and plug Jade Reporting. We link to every single blog post and internet article we can get our hands on that deals with women and video games. We only link, so we don't pass judgement, but it's interesting, to say the least, to look at what posts about women and gaming usually consist of. (cough, sex, cough, cough.)

Lake Desire

Thank you for the link... and the compliment! All great blogs you linked to. One Hundred Little Dolls is another great site.


Cheers for the link, jane! :D


Killerbetties has been on my blogroll for a while! I like that site too, especially the forums.

Oh, I didn't know about 100 Little dolls, I'll check that out. Jade Reporting looks fascinating, too. Thanks!


I used to visit http://m_jane.1up.com & www.umamitsunami.com ...but unfortunately she hasn't been updating those pages in a while :-)

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