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what if you factor in tax, and free shipping (which I noticed most are providing). In california tax is 8.25% .. which translates to about 49.50, (whereas oregon has no sales tax), shipping i'm assuming uhm 15 to 20, plus ebay fees. uhh yeah... I would have sold my spot in line for a grand, or 500.


The 'hourly rate' is one way to look at it. Another (better?) way to look at it is from risk/reward PoV.

If you are a ticket scalper waiting 24 hours in line for, say, rolling stones tickets (or whatever the kids listen to these days), at fifty bucks a pop, you buy 12, and hope to sell them for $200 each. The upside, should you sell them, is a $1800 profit. However, the downside, should you NOT sell them is a $600 loss.

The worst case in the PS3 scenario is, what? Sony says 'just kidding!', gluts the market with consoles, and you sell your $600 PS3 for like $575. A loss of $25.

Sure, you lost your time, but the financial risk is much lower (barring robbery at bbgun-point and the like).


It gets better than that, kpallist. If they decide that they're not going to get enough for their time on eBay, they can possibly return the console depending on where they purchased it, providing they didn't open it, for at the least store credit if not a refund.

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