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1: Ah, boo-hoo, the poor little rich man isn't happy... These guys play for the NFL (I think - I come from a country where football actually involves playing with your feet rather than your hands!) They get rather well paid for it and they know (at least, these days they do) that part of the deal is their 'character' gets sold to the highest bidder for the official game. If they really object that much, they could always make room for new players who might not... Perhaps form their own league which doesn't try to cash in in this way?

2: 78 out of the 200 million-odd people in the USA really isn't that bad! I'd be content with anything in the top, erm... 95% of that, to be honest!

I think they should appreciate it for being even a remotely accurate reflection. Imagine if, for example, the game were crossed with the Vices & Virtues system from Medieval: Total War!

"What?! I'm not adulterous! Where'd they get THAT from?!"


Football knowledge via Madden is an interesting "phenomenon." I consider myself to be quite knowledgeable in football and, in my opinion, playing Madden can never help you become more knowledgeable then the coaches who are on the field.

for those of you interested, look at the "Quickest Six Seconds" (or something of that effect) in the most recent issue of ESPN the magazine. The way plays are drawn, and the analysis of your opponents on the field in just seconds is startling; its also something you don't find in Madden.

Although Madden may help you predict the production of a player, it will never allow you to coach or play better then the professionals.

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